In the words of our clients...


“I have worked with Bill since 1991 and in that time I have watched Voiss Construction grow from just a finish company to a design and trim company with a strong appreciation for design. Attention to detail is Bill’s main goal and he employs only dedicated craftsmen to run his many crews to ensure the finished product that we have come to expect from Voiss Construction.”

We have used Bill and his company for many years and he is what helps set our homes above the rest. Bill Voiss is truly the best of the best in this industry.

“I have been a project manager for John F. Buchan homes since 1994. My association with Voiss Construction goes back even farther than that. Since I started as a finish carpenter I feel that I know what distinguishes average work from exceptional. While there have been many changes in the industry, I can say that there have been at least two constants. One is Voiss Construction’s attention to detail. The other is Bill’s ability and enthusiasm for adjusting to the tastes and the budget of the builder. Regardless of price point, Bill Voiss has consistently provided quality workmanship on time and in budget. As a builder, it’s nice to have such a trusted partner on my projects.”

“I have worked with Bill and Voiss Construction for 14 years. He is one of the few subcontractors I can count on that completes jobs as scheduled. Voiss Construction employees are always professional, work together well as a team and put out a quality product.”

Craftsmanship is always first class with Voiss Construction. The Voiss Construction crews are easy to work with and take pride in every job they do. I can always count on the quality of the job and that it will be finished as scheduled.

“I have had 16 years of experience with Voiss Construction. Bill Voiss is more detail oriented and efficient than other companies I have worked with. Bill is a very “hands on” owner and is always checking in at job sites to ensure the quality. Craftsmanship and pleasing the customer is number one with Voiss Construction. Their crews are always professional and courteous.”